The rumble of engines overhead.


Every time I hear the rumble of an aircraft overhead my emotions begin to go wild. So many questions cross my mind. What carrier is it? What type of aircraft is it? Where are they going? And, most important of all, do they have First Class?

What do you think of when you hear a plane flying overhead?

2 thoughts on “The rumble of engines overhead.

  1. anna_terezza

    I could not find a better description, because it is exactly what I feel when a see a plane (except for the first class availability, unfortunately I don’t travel in first). Currently I am in a city (Lisbon, Portugal) where you can see planes preparing for landing all the time and I’m always stopping, staring at the sky to see them: I even downloaded an app that you can point you cellphone to the sky and it tells you which airline, type of aircraft and origin/destination! Nice website and nice instagram account.

  2. FirstClassQueen

    thanks Ann

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